Aberdeen Top Five Pike Fishing Locations

Is it true that you are searching for a pike as much as 40 pounds? Any of these Aberdeen-demonstrated pike fishing areas will get the job done.

1. Stream Dee Aberdeen

The River Dee is a sporting spot of pike fishing crossing the extensions to get to one or the other side of the waterway. Other than that, it’s a spot to get those lovely minutes whatever the hour of day and in various seasons.

The pike fishing is grand with many creature bunches available to search for. There’s furthermore a ton of normal life to see along the banks from different birds and ducks if you are lucky enough you may in like manner perceive the mink that possess the banks. In case it’s not all that much difficulty, keep an eye out for little young people as the banks in placers can be steep.

2. Stream Don, Aberdeenshire

The Don rises in the peat level under Druim na Feithe, and in the shadow of Glen Avon, preceding streaming circumspectly past the ice-age moraine and down to Cock Bridge, underneath the charming site of the actually destroyed Delnadamph Lodge. A couple of streams, the Dhiver, Feith Bhait, Meoir Veannaich, Cock Burn and the Allt nan Aighean combine to outline the lacking Don. Water from the north of Brown Cow Hill channels into the Don, while water from the west side runs into the River Spey and that from the south side into the Dee. The Don follows an indirect course eastwards past Corgarff Castle, through Strathdon and the Howe of Alford before entering the North Sea just north of Old Aberdeen.

3. Rubislaw Quarry

Rubislaw Quarry is a quarry arranged at the Hill of Rubislaw in the west finish of the Scottish city of Aberdeen. At 142m profound with a width of 120m, Rubislaw Quarry is one of the greatest man-made openings in mainland Europe. Since its conclusion in 1971, it has loaded up with water.

4. Inchgarth Reservoir

Inchgarth Reservoir is a 1.1 kilometer gently dealt circle trail situated close to Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland that includes a lake with bunches of Pikes.

Inchgarth Reservoir is arranged on the north bank of the River Dee, a quarter-mile (0.4 km) southeast of Cults and 3 miles (5 km) southwest of the focal point of Aberdeen. Implicit the 1980s, it is held inside earth banks. Worked by Scottish Water to supply drinking water, the repository is additionally utilized for cruising, while a nature save possesses the neighboring wetland.

5. Loirston Loch

Loirston Loch is a 2.6 kilometer daintily dealt out and back trail situated close to Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland that includes a lake with loads of Pike.

Has been fishing great as of late and no indications of the weed that has tormented fishermen for the recent years. Fished it on Thursday with not a hint of weed on my sink tip line. Practically anything will get fish from bells, sprites to draws. You need to track down the right spot yet fish do move around the loch continually – you can go for a very long time with nothing and afterward see fish moving into the space you are fishing. You have around 10 – 15 minutes before they can vanish until they return around again in perhaps 15 – after 20 minutes. There are some problem areas however that would be parting with the mystery and you truly need to fish it to become familiar with the pike problem areas.