Hastings Top Five Pike Fishing Locations

Are you looking for a pike up to 40 pounds? Any of these proven Locations will do the trick. Recommended tackle to use at the locations below Large jarge jerkbaits Large wobblers Large spinners Large soft lures 1. Buckshole Reservoir, Hastings This water is situated in Alexandra Park in Hastings, East Sussex. The water is … Read more

Where To Go Pike Fishing

To find the best place to go pike fishing  we’re going go over a few techniques that I use to find new fishing spots locally we’re going grab a few of our baits from our mystery tackle box we’re going go out and catch some pike so whether you’re new to an area,  you’re just learning how to fish or you just don’t really know … Read more

Northern Pike Identification Chart Muskellunge

Muskellunge Here is a great chart that explains how to identify a northern pike from a muskellunge or a hybrid “tiger” muskellunge. So if you are a novice pike fisherman and need a little help deciding what exactly that record fish is then give this Muskellunge – Northern Pike Identification Chart a quick once over … Read more

Biggest Pike Ever Caught Worldwide Records

The northern pike and musky are two different species in the Esox family, they are very dedicated sport fishing species and can be caught with a wide range of freshwater fishing lures and baits. This fishery is done all over the nordic part of the world and is a popular fishery because one don`t have … Read more

Pike Fishing In Sweden Trip

Me and my son was invited to my brothers cabin in Sweden for pike fishing. He and his two sons picked us up on friday and after 2 and a half hour in the car we was there. The cabin is a traditional swedish cabin placed next to one of many small lakes in the … Read more

Dried Pike For Dogs Recipe

Need cheap food for your dogs? What about bringing home the pike you catch and hang them up to dry? Just cut off the head, remove the intestines and tie them up by the tail with a fish on each end of a string. Then hang them up in a suitable place and when they … Read more

Minced Pike Recipe

2.2 lbs pike fillet0.2 lbs butterSome garden leek2 tablespoons potato flour7-8 dl milk2 eggs1 dl wipped creamsaltpepper Procedure Mash the fish at least twice with butter, the last time with some garden leek. Mash in the potato flour and add milk. When the dough is smooth, add egg and cream. Salt and pepper to taste.

Master Chefs Pike Recipe

4 Portions 1 Pike (about 3.3 lbs)SaltPepper1 dl White wine vinegar2 dl creamChervilParsleyTarragonDill PROCEDURE Scrape, clean and rinse the pike. Wipe the inside and outside with household paper (paper towel). Salt and pepper the fish. Cook it in a oiled/buttered long pan in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for about 40 minutes. Then put … Read more

Cannon Best Pike Downriggers

Cannon Downriggers is the worlds leading pike downriggers brand within controlled-fishing-depths. The manufacturer has long experience with producing quality products. It is very many reasons to buy the most known brand in the world. Mechanical control of the fishing depths can be compared with an advanced form for drag fishing. Many calls this trolling. The … Read more

Best Pike Fishing Lures

Pike Spoons /Crankbaits /WobblersThe traditional northern pike lures are pike spoons and different pike crankbaits or wobblers. Many are still using these fishing lures and catch plenty with them. They move in different depths from the surface to 15 – 20 feet deep and move straight forward with a wobbly and lively movement like a sick … Read more