Storm Lures Review ( Must Read )

Storm Soft Plastics is a success concept with products to any sort of fishery in both freshwater and saltwater. With a fantastic natural look and unbelievable walk should everything be set for catching fish. When they additionally have holographic finish, rattling balls, smell materials and so on it is maybe not so strange that the … Read more

Luhr-Jensen Review

Ever since the start in 1932, products from Luhr-Jensen have been known worldwide for its high quality and the ability to catch record fish. All components, tools and manufacturing methods have always been best in its time. This grand tradition from Hood River, Oregon, USA, will still contribute to your success even better as sports … Read more

Gill Thruster Fishing Lures Review

The Frozen Tree Company was named in honour of a centuries-old frozen tree that stood on the shore of Scotland`s northern beaches. As a boy, luremaker Jim Dunsmore would visit this tree before every tuna season to carve off a little timber to create his own lures for the ensuring run of bluefin in the … Read more

Shimano Pike Spinning Reels

Shimano spinning reels are a huge success and Shimanos rear drags are probably best in the world. Combined with Fighting Drag lever it becomes a fast, secure and easy task to adjust the drag while one works a fish. Here is a quick presentation of shimano spinning reels with rear drag: Aspire RATop model with … Read more

Shimano Spinning Rods a Quick Presentation

Shimano spinning rods are trend setters within sports fishing. Together with the sports fishermen used as consultants, they are making new and innovative products, for new and exciting fishing forms. Regardless of wishes or thickness of the wallet you will find a shimano spinning rod which suits your needs. Here is a quick presentation of … Read more

Berkley Fireline

The good old nylon line has doe it`s job excellent for decades. Now they have to make room for the new and great on the market; Fireline.If you are doing spinning or baitfishing, you have probably heard about Fireline. It is ment as a line that can replace the good old monofilament line that everyone … Read more

Rapala Minnow Rap

In the fishing business what goes around comes around, often with a new twist and application. First came the original Rapala floating minnow, revolutionary for its suddle wiggle and fishing catching ability. Later came the shad rap bringing many of the same attributes of the rapala minnow to a shad shaped lure. And now rapala … Read more

Pike Fishing Tackle Setup

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Northern Pike Fishing Expert

We have all as fishermen been besides an unknown lake or stream and wondered about where to fish. This could be on a vacation, random trip or we have moved to another place. Either way, we want to know where to find good spots to catch some fish.     If the lake is small … Read more

Pike And Musky Jerkbaiting

A new “revolution” with pike fishing, an effective tool for big predator fish and increased adventures with adapted tackle. We are talking about jerkbait fishing !   The bite comes as an explosion and spreads all the way to the spine. The rod is raised and the fish is hooked. The hand around the reel … Read more