Bath Top Five Pike Fishing Locations

Are you looking for a pike up to 40 pounds? Any of these Bath proven pike fishing locations will do the trick.

Bath top 5 pike fishing locations are:

  1. Fish Ponds, Bath, BA2 6BD
  2. River Avon, Bath
  3. Monkswood Reservoir, Bath, BA1 8HG
  4. Fish Ponds, Bath, BA2 6BD
  5. Lake Woolverton, Bath BA2 7QT

1. Fish Ponds, Bath, BA2 6BD

Fish Ponds takes pride in being one of Bath’s best angling spots.
We’ve hosted some of the country’s biggest match events, including the Maver Match This qualifiers and the Fish’o’mania Grand Final.
We provide excellent fishing to all levels of anglers throughout the year.
Large Pike, large Perch, and catfish are stocked in mixed fish waters.

2. River Avon, Bath

River Avon, Bath is renowned for its high-quality sporting activities.
Big roach.
LARGE chub.
Bream, big bream.
LARGE barbel.
In all times of the year, he is highly active. Specimen fish such as barbel, chub, and pike can be found in abundance here.

However, be aware that this is a popular picnic spot for city dwellers, and when the weather is warm and pleasant, it will be overrun with screaming children, loud parents – playing football, etc., and even swimming in the river.
If you can get through this, you’re either a masochist or a genius (something else). Waters are all set in a lovely valley and are worth a visit just for the scenery.

3. Monkswood Reservoir, Bath, BA1 8HG

One of Bath’s water sources and the source of St. Catherine’s brook.
On the site of the new reservoir, it is believed that a Bronze Age settlement was built on piles.
The SSSI’s Monkswood Reservoir, which was constructed in 1896 and is now owned by Wessex Water, is located in the valley.
On the sloping land north and south of the reservoir and its tributary, the SSSI is woodland and grassland.

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4. Shackles fishing lake, Cold Ashton, Bath BA1 9DG

Shackells Pike Lake, a 3-acre body of water near Bath, as well as stillwaters in Lyneham, Calne, and Pawlett, all near Bridgwater.
All Permits are £55 each.
Permits for the day are £7.
Both Tackle Outlets carry it.
Tockenham Lake is only open to full members.
There will be no night fishing.

5. Lake Woolverton, Bath BA2 7QT

This fishery has produced some exceptionally large pike in the past, including one that weighed 22 pounds and was captured six years ago.
Near to the margins (depths of 4 to 8 feet) will generate a good day’s action.

Fishing against the wind and using roach as dead bait are two other effective techniques. Dead bait tactics are allowed to be used lure fishing and live baiting are permitted and Night fishing for pike is allowed.