Berkley Fireline

The good old nylon line has doe it`s job excellent for decades. Now they have to make room for the new and great on the market; Fireline.
If you are doing spinning or baitfishing, you have probably heard about Fireline. It is ment as a line that can replace the good old monofilament line that everyone have used for years.

The advantage to use fireline, or braided line as it also is called, is pretty ovious for the most. The line is actually many small and thin lines which is braided together to the finished product. This makes the line to get a completely different strength thanit otherwise would have had if it was not braided. This is the most important reason to it`s huge success.

There is more advantages with fireline that can be very important when you are fishing. One of the biggest is that compared to good old nylon fireline is much stiffer. Also, it has so to say no stretch in it. This makes it that one in a much easier way can set a precise hooking that will hook the fish in an excellent way. An other thing that really has given fireline its breakthrough is related to the high strength. In practice, one can use this high strength to fish with less diameter on the line compared to what one would have done with nylon. Lower diameter means significant longer cast, and that can in many situations be crucial for whether to have fish or not.

Fireline has also some disadvantages that many does not like that well. The first, and most important, is that fireline wears much faster than nylon against rocks and such. This can be incredible irritating. In practice it means one should pick situations wheter to use fireline with care. Rivers are as a rule not a good place because these often contains sharpe and partly hidden rocks that can easily tear up the line. An other thing which many are annoyed about is one can ot use the good old lure knots when using fireline. The reason is simply it is much smoother that nylon. The solution is really simple though; use the uni-knot to both types. It works excellent.