Minced Pike Recipe

2.2 lbs pike fillet0.2 lbs butterSome garden leek2 tablespoons potato flour7-8 dl milk2 eggs1 dl wipped creamsaltpepper Procedure Mash the fish at least twice with butter, the last time with some garden leek. Mash in the potato flour and add milk. When the dough is smooth, add egg and cream. Salt and pepper to taste.

Master Chefs Pike Recipe

4 Portions 1 Pike (about 3.3 lbs)SaltPepper1 dl White wine vinegar2 dl creamChervilParsleyTarragonDill PROCEDURE Scrape, clean and rinse the pike. Wipe the inside and outside with household paper (paper towel). Salt and pepper the fish. Cook it in a oiled/buttered long pan in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for about 40 minutes. Then put […]