Facts About The Northern Pike (Esox Lucius)

Pike (also known as Northern Pike) are found in both temperate and arctic areas in Eurasia and North America. They prefer shallow lakes and calm rivers with a lot of vegetation. Pike can also be found in brackish water.
The pike is a long fish with a flat and broad snout. The dorsal fin and anal fin are far back on the body and are similar in length. The male pike rarely achieve a weight of more than 18lbs(8 kg), while the female pike can weigh as much as 44lbs(20 kg). Needless to say, catching pike can be as challenging as winning a high stakes poker game! The biggest pike ever caught was by net by Arno Wilhelm in a lake near Dannstadt, Germany in 1983 It weighed 67.1 lbs (30.5 kg).  

  The world record in pike fishing caught with a fishing rod is 54.6 lbs (24.8 kgs) and is held by Lothar Louis. This record pike was caught in Lake Grefeern in Germany October 16, 1986. Below :

SEE MORE RECORD PIKES HERE Pike or northern pike are often located in places with such vegetation as water lilies and weeds. They are voracious predators with sharp teeth who eat most of what it comes across – other fish, frogs, water rats and small birds. The pike is an extremely quick fish with lightning fast attacks against its prey. It is, however, not a sustainable swimmer and therefore sits calmly in the vegetation waiting for suitable prey to pass by. In the winter, pike migrate to deeper water and the spawning time is between March and May.
They are relatively easy to catch with different northern pike lures. Pike are also a very delicious fish to eat.