Hastings Top Five Pike Fishing Locations

Are you looking for a pike up to 40 pounds? Any of these proven Locations will do the trick.

Recommended tackle to use at the locations below

  • Large jarge jerkbaits
  • Large wobblers
  • Large spinners
  • Large soft lures

1. Buckshole Reservoir, Hastings

This water is situated in Alexandra Park in Hastings, East Sussex. The water is around 4 acres and has depths down to 16 feet.

Day tickets can be purchased by non-members by the bailiff. Night fishing is available to association members, a night ticket must be purchased from one of the ticket officers that will cost just £2 for a night which is great value for the head of fish available. Tickets are available from AR Tackle in Hastings and Wobbly Rabbit in Bexhill on Sea.

General inquiries – Chris Pagan: 07429 655237

More Information Phone: 01424 451050

2.Piltdown Pond, Hastings

Piltdown Pond is a round-shaped 4-acre pond. The water has some very appealing features including many reed and weed beds in the margins and a section of overhanging trees and bushes to the right of the pond. The flat swims are virtually level with the water’s edge and peer between the many reed and weed beds. There are approximately 15 fishable swims, most of which can hold two people at a time. The water’s depths range from very shallow in the margins to a maximum of 4 feet in the deepest regions of the pond.

3.Ecclesbourne Reservoir, Hastings

At sunrise drive up to the car park with great expectations for a challenging pike fishing session, but rewarding walk. As it happens, the next 3 hours did not disappoint. I pulled into the near-empty Shearbarn Holiday Park and on joining the path, I was greeted with a quagmire track that, without Wellies was nye on impossible to follow safely. However, I was determined to see it through and slipped slid my way to Ecclesbourne Reservoir, where the going was a little easier on level ground. I eventually got through the woodland and heath terrain to be met with a wonderful vista across Ecclesbourne Glen and spectacular vertical coastal cliffs towards the town of Hastings. From here the undulating path narrowed again through thick thorny undergrowth, but with a handrail to assist. Further down the tree trunked steps, the path is closed due to land slippage, but an alternative route brings you back to East Hill and gentle grassy slopes either back to the funicular railway down into Hastings or retracing your route via Rocklands Holiday Park to Shearbarn car park where my journey began. Not advisable for young children or non-Wellington booted. Determined adventurist and mudlarks only in winter, but well worth the struggle!

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4.Wishing Tree Reservoir, St Leonards, Hastings, Saint Leonards-on-sea TN38 9AJ

The small lake situated on Crowhurst Road, St Leonards-on-Sea. The lake is run by Hastings and Bexhill Fishing Club and day tickets are available on the bank from the baliff. easy parking. A great place to take anyone who hasn’t fished before as bites are plentiful and they have a good chance of catching their first fish.

Book accommodation here call 01256 338350

5.Hasting Pier

The price per session will be £10 2 rods maximum. Tickets will be issued for each session, carried at all times,

and available for inspection. Minimum 15 anglers per session, maximum 40. Please contact Paul’s Tackle, Hastings, for more information and to book: 01424 433404