Luhr-Jensen Review

Ever since the start in 1932, products from Luhr-Jensen have been known worldwide for its high quality and the ability to catch record fish. All components, tools and manufacturing methods have always been best in its time. This grand tradition from Hood River, Oregon, USA, will still contribute to your success even better as sports fisherman. Luhr-Jensen is today owned 100% of the Rapala-group.  

Luhr Jensen Crocodile

Luhr-Jensen Crocodile is a legendary fishing spoon which are available in most fishing tackle shops. The movement can be described as teasing and relatively powerful, the quality is outstanding. Crocodile is a typical all-rounder and suits basically for any fish predators fishing both in freshwater, rivers and the sea.

For trout fishing, seatrout and salmon this is a legend, both Europe and USA. As special features for Crocodile should be mentioned that on the biggest model is mounted powerful welded rings, and that the weights 7, 14 and 20 gr. is delivered with an extra single hook in addition to the treble hook. The series exist in 13 attractive colors and sizes.

Luhr-Jensen Crocodile SS

New developed version of the legendary crocodile, with fantastic color combinations, double split rings and special hooks. The success with Crocodile will guaranteed continue with this variant, a winner to all sorts of fishing from trout to salmon, pike and sea fishing in general. The hooks is Red VMC Sure Set Scorpic trebler, were the big single hook gives an extra advantage with the frequency of hooking. The series is found in 5 attractive colors and 4 sizes.

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Luhr-Jensen Cast Champ

Luhr-Jensen Cast Champ has a powerful, compact and simple design with unique casting abilities and live-like walk. The construction is made by a slantingly cut a massive brass pipe, were the weight balance will be located in the hook-end. This gives extreme casting lengths, low air resistance and a very lively walk. Cast Champ is a proper all-round lure which suits to most predator fish both in freshwater and the sea. It is equipped with VMC PermaSteel treble hooks and exist in 4 sizes and colors.

Luhr-Jensen J-Plug

The famous Luhr-Jensen J-Plug is an floating trolling plug, rigged with sliding hook sets consisting of 2 VMC PermaSteel treble hooks,dacron and a metal chain. With this rig, the wobbler is quickly released from the hook set during the hooking, something that reduces the chance for losing the fish under the working. The walk is tight and teasing, rattling balls provides sound. J-Plug is a good choice for trolling after big trout, seatrout, salmon and pike, in fact to any trolling in the sea. Exist only in 1 size and 6 colors. Have tested most of these in my waters and as pike lures they works extremely well. Recommended.