Manchester Top Five Pike Fishing Lakes and Rivers

The top five pike fishing lakes and rivers in Manchester are:

  1. Bridgewater Canal
  2. Hillside Fishery, Loveclough, Lancashire
  3. Jumbles Reservoir, Bolton , Lancashire
  4. Willow Waters Fisheries, Lancashire
  5. Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Looking for a barracuda weighing 40 pounds? Any of these proven pike fishing spots in Manchester can be used.

Bridgewater Canal

Barracuda weighing 23 pounds, 12 ounces. The best bait is the big bait. In northwest England, the Bridgewater Canal connects Runcorn, Manchester, and Leigh. Francis Egerton, the third Duke of Bridgewater, ordered him to transport coal from the coal mine in Worsley to Manchester. It first went from Worsley to Manchester in 1761, then from Manchester to Runcorn, and finally from Worsley to Lee.

Hillside Fishery, Loveclough, Lancashire

Hillside Fishery is a fishing center in northwest England, south of Burnley. It can hold up to 23 pounds and 15 ounces of barracuda. The best bait is the big bait.

Jumbles Reservoir, Bolton, Lancashire

Jumbles Reservoir can hold up to 33 pounds of barracuda. ​​The best bait is sardines. The shallow reservoir in northwest England has undergone extensive renovation and has high alkalinity. It is located partly in the Bolton metropolitan area of ​​Greater Manchester, partly in Blackburn and Darwin in Lancashire, and in Jumbles Country Park in the Bradshaw Brook Valley. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on March 11, 1971 for the then Bolton Company water plant (the reservoir has since been privatized).

Willow Waters Fishery, Lancashire

Barracuda weighs up to 22 pounds, it is best to use mackerel in the main lake. It has a history of more than a century, nestled in mature trees, there are a lot of ordinary tents and reflect up to 25 The weight of the pound… wait. As well as various other types of large fish, including snappers, roaches, perch, sea fish, and many barracudas, some weighing more than 26 pounds. This is for anglers who like real trials! Can you be smarter than the smartest wild carp you have ever seen? Can you be smarter than the smartest wild carp you have ever encountered? This is not a simple fishing trip. Fish feed on various natural foods in the water, because this is a natural lake. Therefore, catching them is very difficult, but it is a real challenge for many anglers, and these fish are in excellent condition.

Leeds and Liverpool Canals

The Leeds and Liverpool Canals connect the cities of Leeds and Liverpool in northern England. It crosses the Pennine Mountains and has a total length of 204 kilometers (127 miles) with 91 ship locks on the main line. It has many small branches, a new connection was established in the Liverpool dock system in the early 21st century, with 22 pounds and 8 ounces of pike, the best bait used is roach.