Facts About The Northern Pike (Esox Lucius)

Pike (also known as Northern Pike) are found in both temperate and arctic areas in Eurasia and North America. They prefer shallow lakes and calm rivers with a lot of vegetation. Pike can also be found in brackish water.The pike is a long fish with a flat and broad snout. The dorsal fin and anal … Read more

Big Pike Makes Water Trouble

By catching large cannibal pike, it helps to provide cleaner water and fewer environmental toxins for smaller pike, roach (Rutilus rutilus) and perch. This article shows the results of a doctoral thesis at the University of Life Sciences. Large pike = trouble By removing large pike it can change the dynamics completely in a fish … Read more

Pike`s Look, Age, Water, Size And Weigth

A pike (Esox Lucius) is the only representative of its kin in Europe. In East Asia there is one additional relative to the pike and in North America there are three pike kin represented. Pike`s Look A pike’s characteristics are very individual, and they cannot be mixed with any other fish in Europe. The body … Read more

Action In Fishing Rods

Fishing rods can be so many. There is many types to classify them, one of the most important is the action. There is many different sorts of fishing rods; fly rods, trolling rods, spinning rods, baitcasting rods etc. Rods in the different types and within each type can have rather big differences. It could be … Read more

Pike Fishing- Catch And Release

Pike fishing is a sport, but it is more about fun in the recent decades and become less about survival. Due to the issue of fish being depeleted and most anglers are now using the practice of catch and release fishing. This fishing practice is a great theory, but many people are performing it incorrectly … Read more

Rig Live Bait For Pike Fishing Right

Fishing with live bait instead of artificial are sorrounded with many myths and most of them are not true. Still many anglers use live baits and one significant part of it, which nobody can argue against, is that it is often messy and smell terrible. If you can tolerate these two things, you will be … Read more

Pike Fishing Rigs Dead Bait For Beginners

1.Concentrate!You have to concentrate totally on every cast. A really skillfulpike angler never let go a chance to hook a pike . Learn how toknow exactly what happens to your bait every moment during the entire retrieving. You have to feel the difference between a verylight strike and a little touche against rocks or weeds. … Read more

The Secret To Autumn Pike Fishing

Big Tube Jigs for Autumn Pike Shorter days and cooling water are signals to northern pike thatautumn has arrived. During fall, these sleek predators will feedheartily to pack on energy reserves to help them survive winter’shardships. There are few better ways to catch pike in cold-waterthan using big profile jigs, and giant tubes are a … Read more

Best Lures For Pike ( You need to Buy)

There are a variety of different fishing lures today it’s hard to keep track of them, all in different shapes sizes and colors and most avid anglers have quite a selection in their tackle box. when you go fishing you want to be sure you have the right one for the job but with so … Read more

Expert Tips On Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are very famous for capturing fish. These fishing lures have a lot of variation that are missed by fishermen. There are many changes that can be done to these lures to help you get the best outcome. The three types of blades used on Spinnerbaits are the following: The Colorado, The Indian and the … Read more