Pike Fishing In Sweden Trip

Me and my child was welcome to my siblings lodge in Sweden for pike fishing. He and his two children got us on friday and following 2 and a half hour in the vehicle we was there.

The lodge is a customary swedish lodge put close to one of numerous little lakes in the country.
These little lakes are frequently shallow with bunches of little islands and rocks spread around. Numerous little and huge sounds with weed lines are likewise everywhere.
These bayous are mainstream taking care of spots for a wide range of fish and numerous hunters as pike and roost are chasing these poor creatures.

We love to get these hunters and his boat is amazing to contact them. My sibling has constructed a little dock, so its simple to begin fishing. The boat is a 14 foot open boat with an electric engine to bring us around.
It was my first time in a boat with an electric engine and it was awesome! Almost no strong at all and we could voyage around little talking and paying attention to the incredibly rich bird life in the area.
Lots of various ducks and goose was skimming and jumping not a long way from the boat.

When we showed up it was evening and the climate was dreadful so we just got comfortable and made us alright with heaps of chips,sweets and soda.

Next morning was better however one of my siblings children was wiped out so they needed to remain in the lodge. Just three of us set off with the boat and we looked a few hours. We several little pike (2-3 lbs) before we entered a cove my sibling hadnt attempted at this point. At the point when we went to the inward part we got over and midways my child had a solid reaction on his bar. He before long saw this was a major every last one different bars was rapidly retrieved.

He battled for quite a while before we even could see the fish. It dove deep and when it saw the boat it set off with a shouting reel. Be that as it may, after five, six runs my child figured out how to pull it to the surface, and it was surely a major one ! Two rounds around the boat and I got a strong hold inside the gill end and pulled it up. Fabulous! This was a gigantic encounter for the two young men in the boat and we took some photographs and weighted it before we set it back to its right climate. 40 inches long and 17,6 lbs (8 kg) was the cold fact.

We pulled a couple of other pike and roost before we went to the lodge, very satisfied.
We utilized various types of rapala draws , demise trap baits and limberneck spinnerbaits .The spinnerbaits couldnt be utilized much since it was extremely shallow so a large portion of the fish was taken with the rapalas among our pike lures.

Next day was better with sun and some wind. We were four anglers, my two nephews and my child. The course went to our fortunate inlet and we landed 6 pikes and a roost before we headed back. No huge pike that day except for we was content with those we got. One cannot anticipate getting a huge pike without fail. The young men were cheerful and we as a whole had an incredible end of the week dispite some infection and awful weather.