Pike Fishing In Sweden Trip

Me and my son was invited to my brothers cabin in Sweden for pike fishing. He and his two sons picked us up on friday and after 2 and a half hour in the car we was there.

The cabin is a traditional swedish cabin placed next to one of many small lakes in the middle of the country.
These small lakes are often shallow with lots of small islands and rocks scattered around. Many small and large bays with weed lines are also everywhere.
These bays are popular feeding places for all kinds of fish and many predators as pike and perch are hunting these poor creatures.

We love to catch these predators and his boat is perfect to reach them. My brother has built a small pier, so its easy to start fishing. The boat is a 14 foot open boat with a electric motor to bring us around.
It was my first time in a boat with an electric motor and it was perfect! Nearly no sound at all and we could cruise around small talking and listening to the extremely rich bird life in the area.
Lots of different ducks and goose was floating and diving not far from the boat.

When we arrived it was evening and the weather was awful so we just settled in and made us comfortable with lots of chips,sweets and soda.

Next morning was better but one of my brothers sons was sick so they had to stay in the cabin. Only three of us set off with the boat and we fished for a couple of hours. We got a couple of small pike (2-3 lbs) before we entered a bay my brother hadnt tried yet. When we came to the inner part we crossed over and midways my son had a strong response on his rod. He soon noticed this was a big one and all the other rods was quickly retrieved.

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He struggled for a long time before we even could see the fish. It went deep and when it saw the boat it set off with a screaming reel. But after five, six runs my son managed to pull it to the surface, and it was certainly an big one ! Two rounds around the boat and I got a firm grip inside the gill end and pulled it up. Fantastic! This was a huge experience for the two boys in the boat and we took some photos and weighted it before we put it back to its right environment. 40 inches long and 17,6 lbs (8 kg) was the cold fact.

We pulled a few other pike and perch before we headed back to the cabin, very satisfied.
We used different kinds of rapala lures , death trap lures and limberneck spinnerbaits .The spinnerbaits couldnt be used much because it was very shallow so most of the fish was taken with the rapalas among our pike lures.

Next day was better with sun and some wind. We were four fishermen, my two nephews and my son. The route went to our lucky bay and we landed 6 pikes and a perch before we headed back. No big pike that day but we was happy with those we got. One cant expect to catch a large pike every time. The boys were happy and we all had a great weekend dispite some sickness and bad weather.