Rapala Minnow Rap

In the fishing business what goes around comes around, often with a new twist and application. First came the original Rapala floating minnow, revolutionary for its suddle wiggle and fishing catching ability. Later came the shad rap bringing many of the same attributes of the rapala minnow to a shad shaped lure. And now rapala comes full circeled with a new minnow rap, translating the shad raps legendary action and attraction back into a minnow shaped profile.

The minnow rap features balls of construction and back to basic design of the minnow lure but with a tighter action similar to that of the shad rap. The result is a whole new style of minnow immitator but that fullfills the need of pro walleye fishermen and weekend anglers alike. Rapalas newest legend the offspring of a famous heritage.

Action is an important part of lure design and all minnow shaped lures are not equal. Shape is not the only factor, variations in the design features create unique performance characteristics. Every fisherman know how important shape is to a lure and thin baits like a minnow rap can fish all season long but they really shine in cold water, clear water when the fishing gets really tough.

Its a great casting and trolling lure retaining its unique action even at slow speeds, yet you can zip it along trolling velocity too using additional speed to seek and destroy covering water and triggering bone chilling strikes.

The minnow rap dives to 7 feet on the cast and runs about 12 feet on the troll, perfect for a wide range of fishing conditions and species. Its 4 and 3/8 inch long and comes in eight classic colors and 4 bleeding bait patterns, and like all rapala lures its hand tunes and tank tested to make sure it catches fish right out of the box. It is becoming many anglers favourite because it producing all kinds of fish, all over the country, it should be a must lure in anybody`s tackle box. Its a shad, its a minnow, its bolt. The profile of a minnow lure, the swimming action of shad bait,thats the new minnow rap from rapala, the new generation of fishing lures from a long line of legendary ancestors.