Storm Lures Review ( Must Read )

Storm Soft Plastics is a success concept with products to any sort of fishery in both freshwater and saltwater. With a fantastic natural look and unbelievable walk should everything be set for catching fish. When they additionally have holographic finish, rattling balls, smell materials and so on it is maybe not so strange that the fish is fascinated and bite again and again and again….

WildEye Swim Bait Shad
A very versatile and nature-like model that suits perfectly for sea- and pike fishing. The body is strong, flexible and soft, with effect-ful holographic foil cast into the body. Inside is also a chamber with a rattling ball. The tail is inserted with salt as an extra attractor. WildEye Swim Shad is delivered ready rigged with VMC single hook cast into the led head and 3D eyes,and exist in 2 sizes and 4 great colors. 4 pieces pr bag.

WildEye Giant Jigging Shad
Wildeye Giant Jigging Shad is a shad jig for the heavy sea fishing, and has the same live-like movement in the water as all Storm soft baits are known for. The biggest of them actually can take depths to 400 feet. Color GT (Glow Tiger) is a self glowing edition which is extra visible in deep water. Each packet contains a ready rigged shad and 2 extra shads. Wildeye Giant Jigging Shad is delivered in 8 colors and 3 sizes. 35g,264g and 385g.

Naturistic WildEye Series
Storm Naturistic Series consists of 5 different models were the goal has been to produce imitations of the natures fish species; and that has Storm had luck with! Every model imitates its specie all the way down to detail level what colors, dots, fins and general body shape is concerned. also the behavior in water during retrieving is amazingly similar to a real fish. All models is equipped with a VMC single hook cast into the led head, except from Minnow all have mounted a treble hook underneath. The series have cast a holographic foil, 3D eyes and is inserted with anis odor material. Here it is just to choose a model from what fish you want to hunt prefers. Every model exist in two sizes and is delivered in packets of 2 pieces.

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Swimming Crab
Swimming Crab is a very nature-like crab that fishes cod in a incredible effective way. The crabs is inserted with oil that contains shell fish extract, this trigger the fish further to bite. The body is filled with led, and is delivered ready rigged with VMC single hook which always points upwards. Therefore reduces the chances for bottom stuck considerably. The color GC has a self glowing effect, and the weight of 31g is adapted specially for cod fishing. Swimmin Crab has 4 colors and is delivered in bags of 4 pieces each.

WildEye Rippin Shad Swim Bait
These pike lures has been a best sellers through many years, just because they catches fish under any conditions. The model is equipped with both single hook which is cast into the led head, and a razor sharp treble hook underneath. The hooks is of course from VMC. WildEye Rippin Shad has furthermore all finesses as salt cast in the tail, chamber with rattling ball, internal holographic foil, 3D eyes etc. Exist in 2 sizes and 6 colors. It is 2 pieces in each packet.