Where To Go Pike Fishing

To find the best place to go pike fishing  we’re going go over a few techniques that I use to find new fishing spots locally we’re going grab a few of our baits from our mystery tackle box we’re going go out and catch some pike so whether you’re new to an area,  you’re just learning how to fish or you just don’t really know where to go you want to find somewhere new.

 There’s are ton of different ways that you can find different places to fish the first one I want to share with you  is very simple as Google Maps so pop that satellite image on you can see a satellite image of pretty much every area of the United States it’s really cool you can find so many cool spots like this and you can really kind of have an idea of what you’re going to be fishing based on the water color and just get a good idea of what your going.

Important thing when you’re checking out the Google map side of this is you want to find a place that has some sort of cover or something that you can actually be fishing so if you find a pond that looks completely blank kind of study that satellite image of it a little bit see if you can see any underwater trees, any sort of points, water inflows or outflows whatever it may be stuff like that really pays off.

 When you’re bank 0f fishing the one tip I’ll give you with the Google map search is make sure that you’re actually allowed to be fishing wherever it is that you find so let’s say we find this nice marina here off the Missouri River it looks like it has plenty of Bank access it has a bunch of docks so we’ll have some cover to fish you want to call the marina and just make sure that you’re allowed to be there because you know you don’t want to get yourself in any trouble.

Theirs are the biggest tips to find the best place to go pike fishing just don’t step on anybody’s toes so Google Maps is definitely a good one a second place I would suggest checking is your state’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries website they’re generally going to have a ton of lakes and sometimes some smaller bodies of water like ponds listed on there that you can go fish.

 Publicly as well and third would be to check out Facebook if you have a Facebook account look up any sort of Pike  fishing groups in your local area there’s tons of groups like that I’m a probably like seven or eight everyone on there is really cool and helpful it’s a great community online and if you’re trying to find new places to fish you will do that and you also will find some new fishing buddies too.

Grab some of our baits head out to some of these spots on the Potomac River and Missouri River that I found like the Washington sailing marina  and Port Charles Harbor we’re going hop up to the tidal basin as well this looks really good and then we’re also going check out this area here this is called roaches run so all of these are public fishing areas and hopefully we can go out and catch some fish on our baits we’ve got in our mystery tackle box.